Friday, 26 October 2012

Miniature Worlds

Sacrifice - "Which of you has done this?" Abnormal, miraculous, beautiful and disturbing. His house is recreated small and he is therefore made big - a simple man who has made a pact with God to save the world through sacrifice. Which of you (Gods) has made it all?

L'Eclisse -  She is bored, directionless and trapped. Sometimes the world feels too much for you and sometimes it is not enough; your head in the clouds with the skyscrapers.

Citizen Kane - The city over which your hulking loomed is now just a city of boxes and crates in which your possessions reside. What profiteth man...

Superman Returns - The world is your plaything. "I Don't Want To Be A God I Just Wanna Bring Fire To The People". Lex is the new law.

Enter the Void - A glow-in-the-dark mini Tokyo. The miniature looks like the real thing and then the 'real' Tokyo is represented by the miniature remembered. Is he dead or is he exploring his own brain? He floats above and through the world but he is never really part of it.

Robocop - The delta city model of a model city; white. glorious. perfect. The virginal corporate vision is crushed by an innocent body in a hail of blood-drenched gunfire.

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