Monday, 17 May 2010

Romance Language


You give such charming parties Mr Charles.
 Thank you Mrs. Charles.


Pure and True...

I love Ponyo whether she's a fish, a human, or somewhere in between



Can you see now?
Yes, I can see now.


There is a holiness to the heart's affections









  1. Ha, brilliant... Such a vast cross section of films, from anime to silent. And the final pick was something of a surprise. WOold have liked to see Tsai, Bergman or Bresson here. Superb stuff, Stephen.

  2. I wanted to ask this for a long time, Stephen. What film is the header of your blog from? Because it also comes in FILM SOCIALISME, I wonder if it has already come in an earlier Godard film. I don't seem to remember.

  3. Thanks very much, JAFB.

    I thought I'd keep it relatively brief otherwise it would never end(!)

    The header is indeed from FILM SOCIALISME. I'm pretty sure it doesn't come from an earlier Godard film.

  4. Wow, did you take it from the trailer? Looks very HQ.

    BTW, the initial reactions of FILM SOCIALISME are out:

  5. "Wow, did you take it from the trailer? Looks very HQ."

    Yes. That's it. The original header I had until a couple of months ago was of the same scene but head-on. When the full trailer came out (of the entire film) I gave her a new angle.

    Thanks for the link. I've got very high hopes for this because NOTRE MUSIQUE is my favourite of Godard's films.

  6. Some of the early reviews for Film Socialisme have so far been mixed, but that seems to be the standard for Godard these days. His decision to have the subtitles run in "Navajo English" has probably rubbed some critics the wrong way.

    Either way, I've been anticipating the film for nearly two years now (the first publicity images hit the Internet late-2008) and I'm expecting something special; mostly since his last two projects, Éloge de l'amour and Notre musique, are two of my absolute favourite films of all time, and also because Godard has said this could be his final film, so he must be pretty satisfied with it.

  7. "His decision to have the subtitles run in "Navajo English" has probably rubbed some critics the wrong way."

    Haha, I'm sure.

    I didn't particularly like Eloge De L'Amour but Notre Musique is amongst my favourite films too. Generally I prefer his later (80s onwards) work.

    I wonder how long it will be before we get to see FILM SOCIALISME, though.

  8. Stephen,

    I heard that you can watch the film online from today (Wednesday) here:

    I'm not sure if there will be subtitles though.


  9. Thanks for the tip, JAFB.

    As far as I can tell, though, the film is no longer available and when it was it was only viewable for people in France.

    A shame.

  10. By the way, have you seen David Lynch's advert / film LADY BLUE SHANGHAI?

  11. No, I haven't seen it yet, Stephen, although I've had it bookmarked. Will do so soon.

  12. i finally got to this post now, but the odd way that the bog press is handling new posts is often leading me to believe that there hasn't been an update. The choice of that Chaplin of course is truly inspired as it's a cap from one of the greatets sequences in all of cinema, and it perfectly conveys what you wanted to do here with this post. All the others are great too, though I agree with JAFB on Bresson and Bergman. I do love the three obsessive choices, I must say! Inspired choice there too with Irene Jacob!

  13. Though not generally emotionally swayed by Avatar, I really liked that particular shot. Great image from "Red" too.

    What's the movie under "Breathtaking"?

  14. MovieMan,

    I believe that is Bright Star.