Friday, 9 March 2012

Dear Zachary [Morality Blogathon]

As part of the Movie Morality Blogathon Jeff Pike over at the blog PKCan'tExplain has posted a review of Dear Zachary, a film he says "roots itself with ease and confidence inside the true-crime subgenre of documentary filmmaking, where all talk sooner or later focuses inevitably, and naturally enough, on 'evil' and 'justice'.":

Dear Zachary at Can't Explain

"Because there's no justice here. Morality gets no purchase, and is revealed for what it is: merely good ideas, not mandatory. One person managed to successfully trample the system at large for a few years—separate criminal justice systems in Canada and Pennsylvania—for no more reason than that she wanted to, and along the way she irrevocably destroyed multiple lives and sent many dozen more sprawling in one way or another."

Jeff's Martial Arts Centre is always open for writing and discussion on film and music.

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